About this software


The programs on this page are Freeware.

They are not disabled or time limited, and are free of adware, bundleware or anything else that might provide money for me and annoyance to you.

The programs are all portable (ie do not require installation) and most will run from removable and readonly media. The programs save the setting to an ini file, and do not write to the registry.

Since c:\program files is readonly for standard users, the settings file will not be saved if you put the program here. Put it somewhere else.

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Secure Edit

An encrypted text file editor and file encryption program.

Download and details on this page.

Elentaris Epos

A freeware electronic point of sale system (epos). You can pay for support and the multi-till version.

Download and details on this page


Bits and Pieces - old and ancient programs


When you hover your mouse over the taskbar a little window pops up to show you the program (Aero Peek), well this program sets the size of that popup.

Download Peeksize V1.00


Random is a random-number-file generator. Allows numerous different algorithms to be used, an a couple of distributions. Also allows some analysis and visualisation of the resultant file.
Latest version adds several new random number routines, and a more in depth analysis of the random files generated.
Download Random.exe v 1.5 [1.7 MB last modded 2010-03-12]


Datecopy is a command line program for copying all the files modified today (or within a specified number of days) to another folder. Useful for batch backups or batch uploads.
datecopy <params> <file mask> source dest
datecopy -t *.jpg c:\temp1 c:\temp2 (would copy all jpg’s modified today from c:\temp1 to c:\temp2)
datecopy 0.04 *.jpg “c:\Biz\” “d:\backups\biz” (backs up all jpgs modified in the past hour)

see datecopy -? for help

Download datecopy.exe [700k Last modded 2010-03-10]

Old Programs

Techinfo – Scientific data tables. More interesting than it sounds, really.
Constants, data tables and formulae from the areas of Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, and Geography.
Has an Inbuilt calculator, moon phase tool and other scientific trivia. Not currently maintained.
This program uses an old version of Delphi, and is no longer maintained.

Download Techinfo (700 Kb).

NT/XP Filemonitor – A file monitor for NT (duh), and all modern versions of windows. Allows the inclusion or exclusion of files / file types, and reporting on what has happened. Useful for watching installs, and generally what is happening on your system. You can also watch the file activity on other NT machines on your network. Screenshot
Download NTFilemon (260k)

Wintail – Sometimes you need to look at a very large text file, (like the 1GB log files on some systems) This program reads the last however many Mbytes of the file without creating a 1 GB swap file.
Download Wintail (250k)

Really Really Old Programs
Colour Theme Helper – Catchy name or what.
I developed this program because I was fed up with having 50 shades of blue on a website I was developing. This program allows you to choose one colour (hue) and pick lighter/darker, more or less saturated etc. Gives that values in HSB, RGB and HEX for insertion into webpages.
This is an old program, there are better ones out there now.
Download Colour Theme Helper 1.0b(500k)