Elentaris I.T. has built and maintains the following websites:

www.elentaris.co.uk (this site, my main business site)
www.radpro.org.uk (radiotherapy site, built with php/mysql. Recently redone in wordpress)
www.emlynkungfu.club (local Kung-fu Club)
www.aberaeronkungfu.club (another Kung-fu Club)
www.knickersonline.co.uk (knickersonline Lingerie - A commercial site that retails lingerie)
www.brynarthenholidaycottages.co.uk (Holiday cottages)
www.curvyladies.co.uk (Curvyladies Lingerie for larger ladies)
www.midnightbelle.co.uk (Midnightbelle Lingerie - Lingerie for discerning ladies)
www.yourad.org.uk (Radiotherapy survey and discussion site)
www.greenrocketcourses.com (Social Enterprise gardening courses)
www.heathcotecroft.co.uk (a holiday cottage)

Plus others that have been modified or are maintained by their owners, so I no longer take credit for them.