Elentaris I.T. is a West Wales web design company.
We have over 15 years experience of building business websites, from simple brochure style designs, to fully integrated ecommerce solutions.

Why do you need a new website ?

  • Build credibility – gives you a real presence in the online world that a facebook page doesn’t do.
  • A contact point – people may know your name but not your phone number, other people may prefer to email an enquiry rather than phone.
  • Add to your ‘brand’ – even small businesses may have a ‘brand’ even if they don’t know it. Your shop front, the sign writing on your van, etc. A website can reinforce this.
  • You have a website already ? but how does it look on a mobile phone ? Probably terrible. A new website will be mobile friendly.
  • A Map ! one of the most common reasons to visit a small company website is to find out where you are.
  • A modern look – in the space of a few years your old website will start to look dated.