Secure Edit

SecureEdit is a text editor that saves encrypted text files. It also can encrypt files & folders, and has numerous other privacy and security functions.

It encrypts files with a password, using the AES algorithm. It supports drag and drop file encryption and secure file deletion, plus some other security tools.

The interface is unicode compliant.

Some of the tools available in this version:

Basic text editor – write your text, enter a password and press save. Can also create and edit encrypted comma delimited (csv) files.

Rich text editor – A word-processor like editor.

Save as PNG – Creates a funky random png image and steganographically hides the encrypted text / file in it.

File encryption – Drag a file or files onto the encryption buttons to encrypt. Drag onto the ‘encrypt to PNG’ to create a random png file, and hide your file within it.

Hide a file in another file, e.g. add a hidden cat video inside a dog video. Only the a person with the password would be able to extract the cat video, to anyone else its just a dog video. Now supports multiple embedded files.

Text encoder – This takes some text, encrypts it and base 64 encodes it so that it can be copied and pasted into email / chat programs)

Secure Delete – overwrites files. On flash drives and SSDs it is best to wipe free space as well, due to wear leveling (google it).

File Munge – securely deletes the first 10MB of a file, useful for deleting large files (like videos) quickly where you want the file to be unrecoverable by ‘normal’ people, but a 2 hour wait for a full secure delete is over the top.

Other small tools – there are several utilities such as

  • ‘recently used programs’ cleanup
  • swapfile wiping
  • disk wiping
  • copy and encrypt
  • monitor folder and encrypt incoming files
  • BMP image saving, encrypt a file and save it as BMP (and convert back again)
  • WAV output, encrypt a file and save as random noise file (and convert back again)
  • Jpeg Exif removal (non lossy)
  • Jpeg sensor and lens marker obfuscation (lossy)


3.28 Allow editing of hidden .sea files, added File Vault, added editing capability of files in vault, added file name encryption, harden text encoder algorithm, Added image viewer to vault plus many small improvements and bug fixes.

3.26 Added denoiser to high security jpeg clean, added crash-dumps to cleanup tab, added gold toolbar icon option, fix integer overflow error after first run, fix issue with removing empty folders when temp dir is cleared, added command line parsing, added password generator, fix speed issues with wipe drive on large drives, fix issues with random rename from context menu, add secure delete recycle-bin, add file hash functions, add text hash functions (menu item)

3.25 Add rich text editor, Add text to binary encoder, Add Hex to ASCII convertor, Fix issues with undo/cut/copy/paste, Secure delete & munge speed improvements, Disk wiping implemented for large FAT32 file systems, Added different log levels, Add in-place encryption, Redo help pages, Rewrite file overwrite conflict code, Merge all decrypt buttons (Basic tools), Create BMP and Wave buttons (Basic tools).

3.24 Allow drag drop onto folder path boxes, Allow drag drop from file tree view, Added option to show old style directory selection dialogs, Added ‘ctrl a’ to select all in the file list, Added date touch to file view context menu, Added folder drag drop from file browser, Added selective encryption tab (Advanced Tools), Re-wrote copy and encrypt routine to be significantly faster, and allow selective encryption.

3.22 Added more Jpeg cleaning functions. As well as removing exif and other metadata, the program can re-write jpeg headers (security clean) and obfuscate unique camera markers such as dirt on the lens and sensor non-uniformity markers (high security clean).

3.17 Add more steganography functions – all files can now be converted to steg pngs. Bug fixes and various small improvements. All drag/drop operations can now be done from the internal file browser.

3.14 New file format (.sea) to fix potential cryptanalysis weakness of previous versions. This version can open previous versions .eca files but will save them in the newer .sea format.

Take care when opening encrypted png files created in a previous version, as there is no way for the program to know which version they were created in.

3.10 Add steganography functions, to save and load text files as .png images. Added features to file browser to open files, encrypt / decrypt / wipe files. Added JPEG functions to view and remove metadata (exif and other data). Added advanced tools tab to copy and encrypt a folder, and a folder monitor tab to watch a folder for incoming files to automatically encrypt. Added feature to remove recent programs history.

3.00 Rewrite for 64 bit compatibility. Change encryption cypher to AES 256.
This version produces incompatible files to previous versions. New format is .eca.

2.50 New functions: “hide file” and convert file to wave file.

Faster encryption/decryption – twice as fast in most cases.
Now has a tools panel for quick access to cleanup / security tools.
Extra files/folders included in cleanup of temp files, option to securely delete windows vista / 7 thumbcache files.

Version 2.48 added “convert to BMP” – encrypt a file and save it as a bitmap image.

Version 2.47 has added, an optional dark theme, and a text encryption facility that creates encoded text that can be copied into emails and decoded at the other end. Plus various enhancements, updates and bug fixes.


If you prefer to download from a trusted website you can buy the latest version of SecureEdit on the Microsoft Store here
Note: it is not free on the Microsoft Store.


Download version 3.30 64 bit – Last modded 2022-01-07 (Recommended version)

Download version 3.28 64 bit – Last modded 2021-11-11

Download version 3.26 64 bit – Last modded 2021-04-07

Download version 3.25 64 bit – Last modded 2021-01-01

Download version 3.25 32 bit – Last modded 2021-01-01

Download version 3.24 64 bit – Last modded 2020-06-10

Download version 3.24 32 bit – Last modded 2020-06-10

Download version 3.22 64 bit – Last modded 2020-03-31

Download version 3.22 32 bit – Last modded 2020-03-31

[legacy]Download version 3.10 64 bit – Last modded Dec 2018

[legacy]Download version 3.10 32 bit – Last modded Dec 2018

[legacy] Download version 2.61 – last modded November 2017
Only use this to access blowfish .ecu files.

SecureEdit Help Page