FireFly Remover (beta)

This is a program to remove hot pixels from 3D renders (Also known as fireflies).

About the program
The use of complex materials / subsurface scattering / indirect lighting can result in odd bright or dark pixels. This programs allows you to choose a hot-pixel colour (with a tolerance level), it will then replace the pixels with an average of its surrounding pixels. Unlike generic denoisers it will not affect any pixels that are not identified as a firefly. What is classed as a firefly can be adjusted with the sliders underneath the image.

Basic usage
If your fireflies are all similar in colour, the manual firely selection will work best. The program will only affect pixels of that colour, with a tolerance plus or minus the amount on the sliders.
The Auto-detect firefly may work better with multi coloured fireflies, it will attempt to fix any pixel that is significantly different from its surrounding pixels.
By default only the visible (zoomed) area will be processed, this is useful for quickly assessing the correct tolerances.

This is a beta version and it's a bit rough around the edges,  but even so it appears to work well with Maxwell-Render renders.

Download Firefly v0.9