Elentaris Software

The programs on this page are Freeware. They are not disabled or time limited, and are free of adware, bundleware or anything else that might provide money for me and annoyance to you. The programs are all portable (ie do not require installation) and most will run from removable and readonly media. The programs save the setting to an ini file, and do not write to the registry. Since c:\program files is readonly for standard users, the settings file will not be saved if you put the program here. Put it somewhere else. Comments : elentaris.ltd at gmail.com


An encrypted text file editor and file encryption program.


An offline (desktop PC app) frontend to the largest taxonomy databases including the Gbif Backbone, Catalogue of Life, Encylopedia of Life and World Flora Online.

Elentaris Epos

A freeware electronic point of sale system (epos). You can pay for support and the multi-till version.


Converts PNG image files to JPG files, while converting the png text to jpeg comments. Programs like stable diffusion embed the text prompt in the output PNG image, this program will convert them to much smaller jpgs, while keeping the text prompt.


FireFly Remover

This is a program to remove hot pixels from 3D renders (Also known as fireflies).

Other Software