Elentaris Epos

Elentaris Epos is the easy to use software for your point of sale terminal.

It will run on on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10


The program is portable and does not need installation, it will run from where ever it is unzipped. c:\epos would be a suitable place. Avoid c:\program files as you will get a uac confirmation on shut down as it tries to write to its settings file (epos.ini).

You can create a desktop icon from the config menu.


When the program starts up, choose a username, these can be set up on the maintenance tab. You should now be on the ‘Till’ tab.

The program comes with a small sample database of wholefood products. You will need to install your own stock database. The database format is Firebird Server. Support services for installing your stock database can be bought at the bottom of this page.

The categories shown here can be edited in the stock table.


The program will work with standard barcode scanners, Epson compatible receipt printer and standard cash drawers that plug into the printer. The program will work with either a touch screen monitor or a standard monitor/mouse/keyboard combo.

Basic Usage

Scan a product, it will be added to the order, put the payment amount in either by clicking on the currency icons or using the number pad, give the customer the change and click pay.

The other tabs provide daily reports, stock management, VAT reports and other sales reports. Provision of tailored reports is included in the support package.

Orders Table
Stock Table
VAT Report
Maintenance Page

Network Version

The support package below will also give you access to the client-server version of the software that will allow you to run multiple tills, and to access the stock database across a network from any computer.


There isn’t any. If you need support please pay for a support package at the bottom of this page.

Terms of usage


This program is freeware, there are no restrictions on it’s use.

The functionality is the same as the server version, except that it will only work on one till.

Download (Zip) Elentaris Epos

Yearly payment for support package and server version £250

Pay for a monthly subscription of £20.83 per month for a term of 12 months.

Once your payment has been received you will be sent a link to the server version of the software if you need it.

Questions: info at elentaris.co.uk